Our expertise

Crafting your barrel

Crafting the barrels by hand

The expertise of the artisanal cooper

Like a goldsmith, the expertise of the artisanal cooper transforms raw wood into the noblest of materials.
Our team of 15 experienced artisanal coopers produces 10,000 barrels by hand every year, each one customized.
As guardians of the legacy of an age-old profession, we also make a point of training our apprentice coopers ourselves.

Taming fire

Mastering fire

Artisanal barrel toasting

The artisanal cooper’s expertise lies in their ability to master fire. Toasting is an operation requiring the cooper’s dexterity, sharp eye and expert hand.
Depending on the length of heating, the inner color of the barrel and the level of heat perceived on the outer surface of the staves, the cooper assesses the degree of heat transformation to bring to the barrel.
Their skill lies in revealing the invisible.

Deciding when the wood is ready

Mature staves

Drying time guaranteed by tasting

Just like the winegrower tastes their grapes before the harvest, we have chosen to taste our wood in order to define the required drying time. If we detect a taste that is still green or sappy, the wood will be left to season for as long as necessary.
We thus guarantee that only perfectly-seasoned wood will be sent to our stave library and then crafted.

Choosing your profile

Creating a unique stave library

A genuine library of flavors and textures

We taste all our wood, origin by origin. This individual and comparative tasting of all our batches is what makes us different. It enables us to decide on a blend and to offer you a profile which matches your expectations perfectly.

Once we have defined the right profile that will bring out the best in your wine, we can reproduce it thanks to comparative tastings from vintage to vintage.