The Artisanal Cooper

crafting barrels of distinction

Understanding your needs

It all begins
by listening…

A dialogue between two craftsmen

We travel the world’s vineyards to understand the winemaker’s needs. Only he knows his terroir, soils, climate, grape varieties and wines.
We then set off in search of the woods that will reveal his wines.

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Our expertise

Shaping barrels by hand, mastering the firing process, bringing the staves to their optimum maturity and identifying the textures and aromas on the palate, the cooper’s expertise enables him to provide winegrowers with the most precise barrels possible to meet their needs.

Identify remarkable forests

The raw material

To go in search of the best forest terroirs, creating its own wood reserve and let nature slowly refine the material.

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Our different

Blending woods as you would blend different grape varieties, proposing balanced and regular barrels for each vintage and letting the wine express itself.

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More than 400 winemakers in over 10 countries trust us

We are committed to building close, trust-based relationships with all our customers, thanks to a sales team of 15 employees based in both hemispheres.