The raw material

Seeking out outstanding high quality forests

In search of the finest forests

An exclusive selection of French oaks

We make a strict selection of oak from the most renowned French forests.
Our expertise and research capacity enable us to discover lesser-known forests that offer the same high quality.
We work in closely with a limited choice of partner-merandiers in order to ensure a regular supply and according to well-defined specifications.

Ensuring consistent profiles

A vast wood park

The guarantee of consistency

We have a wood park which intentionally exceeds our needs. Thanks to the unique size of this park, we are able to find and select wood which corresponds perfectly to your choice. We can thus guarantee the consistency of your barrel profiles.

Leaving time to evolve

Natural seasoning in the rain

A strategic location

We chose to locate our workshop in the heart of the Aquitaine region and the Bordeaux vineyards. Thanks to the region’s oceanic climate and 800 mm (32 inches) of rain a year, all our wood is leached naturally by rainwater. Our timber yard thus benefits from perfect seasoning conditions.