Bel Air

In 2000, some of the biggest names in French wine came together to create a cooperage on a human scale, in line with the requirements of winegrowers and capable of ensuring rigorous technical monitoring. We are among the last remaining independent French cooperages.

crafting barrels of distinction

The artisanal cooper

Wood, cooper and barrel. Vine, winegrower and wine.

Living matter, rich and perpetually changing, is central to these two parallel yet interwoven stories. No two forests are the same, no two vineyards are identical. Like wine regions, forests have their own special terroirs. When a winegrower decides to age their wine in barrels, they bring two ecosystems into play. They choose to draw on the wealth of living elements. There are countless variables and combinations between these infinite terroirs.

It is for this reason that we do not have a catalogue of ready-to-use barrels. Our barrels are made exclusively to measure. We are artisanal coopers. We have decided to taste all our wood in order to craft outstanding barrels by hand.

  • 8 000

    barrels per year

  • 15

    experienced coopers

  • 15

    collaborators in both hemispheres

  • +400


Our team

One Team

15 experienced coopers on site, a tight administrative team, and a local commercial presence all over the world.

Une Équipe